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Leadership Training for Adolescents & Adults


Today, both children and adults undergo trauma and other stress-related problems that effect them in our communities.  Many children are being suspended due to fights and defiance towards school staff.  Adults have their struggles with work and balancing a family.  When stress isn't managed we often here about it on the news.  What can be done to manage stress to improve outcomes in health, relationships, and careers?  You can start by learning about your Emotional Intelligence to help you manage stress and anger more effectively! 


We believe people benefit when they improve their Emotional Intelligence for anger management by taking an assessment.  The EQ-I Youth Version assessment will give feedback on the underlying emotional and social intelligence that assesses the emotional and social functioning of youth 7 to 18.  Our Anger Management Program for children with anger will teach them how to understand themselves and identify strategies that will make them successful in stressful situations throughout their lives.


The curriculum we use is by "Anderson and Anderson Anger Management".  The curriculum touches on a full range of supports, exercises, and techniques on how to control anger effectively. Our program will focus on re-socializing the student to learn how to respond to frustration and stress.  To inquire about our services go to the "Enrollment" page on our site and complete the form.


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