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More Women in Space!  Reaching Gender Equality...

Women in Aeronautics now aims to increase women pilots and Astronauts in the near future.  Already, achievements are being noticed among experts in the field.  When the world heard about "Hidden Figures", many were surprised to see that it was Black women known as "Calculators" who helped N.A.S.A. to achieve space breakthroughs in its very beginnings.  Katherine Johnson is now recognized for her achievements in mathematics for space travel, this has inspired young girls like Jessica Watkins and others to make this new, "Giant Leap for Mankind" into the darkness of space.   Jessica Watkins Story

 Total eclipse 2024

Catalina Island in Avalon

Astronomy on an Island

Thanksgiving 2021 and the Celestial Bodies from Avalon

Tonight was pretty cold and clear.  Usually, the environment for an amateur astronomer on Buena Vista Point is near the Wrigley Mansion.  Kathleen prepared us to see the rings of Saturn and Orion's Belt.  We learned some history and myths about astronomy that helped us develop a better appreciation for the sky.  

Catalina Island in Avalon

Oh Deer! You decided to join us...

Thanksgiving 2021 and the Celestial Bodies from Avalon

You don't have to wait until it is completely dark to enjoy the sky. Right before dusk, the planets start to pop out.  In fact a deer decided to join us as we set up.  Here on Catalina Island, you can find natural wildlife blending into the community.  You can find Kathleen's bookings for reservations at this link below: 

"Going where No Man Has Gone Before"

Some know of  Captain Kirk who was played by William Shatner.  Captain Kirk, gave some of us the zeal to wonder whats' beyond the stars and galaxies in the Star Trek series. Take a look at the Awe William Shatner expresses explaining what Space felt like to him to Jeff Bezos. 


Why are we really looking into the sky?  What profound research has taken place since Galileo?  Come find out!


Little Star Gazers

(Astronomy Club)

Looking into the stars has been an ancient practice since the world has begun. Without instruments, early astronomers used just their eyes to pinpoint the positions of the stars and planets. Galileo's interest in the cosmos drove him to invent and create the world's first telescope where he studied Jupiter and its moons. Little Star Gazers Astronomy club focuses on peak interest in mathematics through viewing the


stellar objects in our solar system the cosmos. Astronomy teaches data collection, making comparisons, measuring the scale of objects far away, and measuring distance by using the light spectrum. 


The San Diego Astronomy Association:

Northrop Grumman Engineering

Looking into careers that you may not feel you can compete in, Northrop Grumman motivates all candidates to do their best and dream.  Look at the exciting programs they promote for kids and recent college graduates.



Ask yourself the question....

Why is Pluto not considered a planet anymore???

For decades the world has wondered about the mysterious icy planet since Clyde Tombaugh's discovery on February 1930. Today, the astronomy community has demoted Pluto as a planet based on it's characteristics. Could New Horizons shed new light on Pluto's characteristics and reinstate it as a planet in our solar system? Well we will see once the spacecraft makes its pass and observations of the lonely object. The New Horizons Spacecraft is scheduled to make its pass this July 2015!

To see more, click the link below...

  New Horizons view of Pluto.


Water on Mars! See what NASA has discovered on the rocky planet and the future plans of our space program.

Victoria Crater on Mars

Mars known as the planet of war is peaking interest of those that want to explore further into our solar system. Can we Terraform this planet to support human life? What skills will it take to do this? The discovery and curiosity rovers have broken the ice of discovery. Robotics and Engineering seem to be at the forefront of these cutting-edge interplanetary discoveries.

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