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Summer Explorations in Engineering Design (S.E.E.D.) with Applied Mathematics...

This summer, students learned what it takes to invent, design products, research and cooperate with one another in teams using math to problem solve. These young SEEDS thoughtfully carried out the processes of engineering design using math standards in both Algebra and Geometry. Exploring math in projects gives students another way to look at their work and solve problems to benefit communities. Once the projects were complete, they got a surprise visit by a couple of SDSU students one in Engineering (Ty) and the other in Economics

(Christian) to motivate them to complete their projects with precision and creativity. The SEED students all did a great job presenting their final projects in the media lab in the library at San Diego State University.

SEED Teaches Cooperative Learning

Students learn to work together using their math reasoning skills and tools to measure the dimensions of their projects.

Using Technology to create math solutions

Tablets are used to graph equations and give students the power to research their concepts for originality and accuracy.

SDSU Engineering Mentors: Ty and Christian

Motivating students to go to college and exceed in life. The engineering projects motivated to continue with their education and come up with ideas to improve society. Ty is also the President of the NSBE San Diego Chapter.

SEED College Field Trip for Engineering Presentations

Today SEED students brought their completed projects to be presented in front of SDSU students in Engineering. The class is just arriving with their teacher Charles Muhammad at the SDSU courtyard.

SEED students at SDSU Engineering Department

Waiting to enter the department of Engineering. The students wait patiently in front to be brought in.

SEED gets a Glimpse of SDSU Projects

Students get a chance to see how college students work as team to present their projects for grades. This was a great experience for them.

SEED Gets Ideas from College Engineering students

Visually seeing engineering projects done much more professionally, SEED students have now a better understanding of how to organize their next projects. All of the students were excited to see the good examples of project design.

SDSU Library for presentations

Arriving with the group are California State Credentialed teachers; Chris White (English) and Charles Muhammad (Multiple Subjects). Mr. white showed the students how writing is also important in the process of presentation. Communication is key to persuading your audience to like your concept. He gave them some quick pointers.

Media Center Presentations

Listening to the final projects from the SEED Engineering teams.

Group presentations

Still listening to and presenting final SEED projects.

More Projects Presented

Students are learning presentation skills while presenting their projects.

Final Touches

This team puts some finishing touches on their projects. Math looks right. Design looks right. Time to check spelling before they present and turn it in for grading. This team never knew that learning math and applying could be so fun!

The SEED Team

After great presentations from each team, Mr. Muhammad arranged us all for a group pic in SDSU's media center.

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