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Health & Wellbeing

Recovery - Prevention - Intervention

The World Health Organization defined health in 1970 as “A state and complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”  

Get Active - Eat Healthily - Avoid Smoking - Get a Good Night's Sleep 

Follow The Leader Foundation is developing partnerships in Los Angeles County to Break the Stigma!  Compassion and Kindness bring us one step closer to civility...  Take the Pledge!

Total Wellness Summit

March 28th 2020

9am - 2pm

Bethesda Temple Church

4909 Crenshaw Blvd. , Los Angeles, Ca 90043


Covid-19 Update

Breaking the Stigma on Mental Health is the aim of this symposium.  Come and learn about prevention and interventions to mental health that will help you achieve total wellbeing!  There will be FREE food, gifts, and shirts to support the event.  Pastor Kyron Shorter welcomes all to come to have access to qualified professionals in the field of psychology to take mental health in an upward direction.  Come and get Total Wellness!   Please fill out our short pre-event Survey..

Let's Break The Stigma!

JUNE 8, 2019

11 - 3PM

On June 8th at 12:00 p.m., we will be hosting an event to engage the community on topics surrounding Health and Mental Wellbeing.  This event will be held at Bethesda Temple Church with Pastor Kyron Shorter at 4909 Crenshaw Blvd., Los Angeles, Ca 90043.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact: Shirley Green (Church Administrator) 323-299-2591. 

The event is FREE and we welcome the community to come to join with us for food, music, and gifts.  This event will keep you connected to valuable community resources that are there for you.  Come see for yourself.    

Dr. Malaika Brown

Phd. Clinical Psychologist

Health and Wellness Event

Creating Connections

Breaking the Stigma

This was a great day at Bethesda Temple Church.  Everyone received the answers they needed to begin taking steps to improve health and wellbeing.  We would love to give a special thanks to Bethesda Temple Church and their staff, Dulan's Soul Food Restaurant and our guest speakers, Dr. Malaika Brown, John Rhoads, Rhonda Dixon, and George Anderson. 

What we loved about this event is that the topic of Health and Mental Wellness is predicated on science.  This is what we gave the community this day.  Real data they can sink their teeth in and do something about it.  Helping and informing others is the key to our success!  Thank you for a successful event.

Preparing Yourself Mentally for Employment

This Friday the 28th will be a beautiful day in West Hollywood to network at the Diversity Employment Day Career Fair at Plummer Park.  FTL will put on another event to engage the community in a discussion surrounding mental health and employment.  There will be a great presentation by guest speakers well versed in the field of mental wellness and Psychology.  As usual, we will have FREE food, gifts, and fun for participating.  Gifts are first come first serve.  Get the FREE information that will give you access and the edge in being more competitive for the current work environment.  Your mental state matters to your successful career.  Learn how to improve Emotional Intelligence.  Find out what it is this Friday the 28th!

Mental Health Awareness Month (May) in Los Angeles County

This year, Follow The Leader Foundation has partnered with the California Mental Health Services Authority to take on the challenge to build on mental health awareness and to break the stigma behind seeking help for mental health symptoms.  We want to promote the early detection of symptoms to put in place appropriate interventions to improve health and wellbeing.  Poor mental health can affect your overall health negatively.  So it is essential that community members have access to the qualified support they need.  What does the stigma on mental health do to society?  Let's take a look at California.  CALMHSA reports that "1 in 5 Californians deals with a mental health challenge, and only half (50%) will seek treatment".  Census reports for 2017 the total population in California was approximately 39,500,000.  That's about a total of 8 million people who need mental help and support.  There's approximately 4 million or more out there who are either unaware of or are reluctant to get help.  Compassion is the first step to breaking the barrier to the stigma of Mental Health Wellness.  For access and support click here: Each Mind Matters campaign for mental health.    


Sat 06/28

Plummer Park,

 7377 Santa Monica Blvd.

West Hollywood, Ca 90046

 Time: 11am-3pm

Mental Health and Wellbeing preparation for employment

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