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Creating connections that create results...

Parents, Teachers, and Community

Web - Guide to Resources

When it comes to Advocacy for parents, teachers and the community, FTL connects them with the right people and organizations that are created to service their needs. Anyone can file a complaint for themselves or a child. Using these links will guide you to whom

you can talk to, to resolve a conflict or concern. Also there are educational resources to enhance learning and

progress further down this page.

Specially Designed Instruction

The Power of the IEP!

What are the real parameters surrounding an IEP? What is the school responsible for in fullfilling that supports are adhered to for success? You'll be surprised what we may not know about the protections for students with disabilities that are often overlooked. Click below the pic below to inform yourself.

Lesson Plan Support for Teachers!!!

Autism Spectrum Disorder Support

Common Core Standards Resources

S.T.E.M. Education Resources

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics)

Our Community Supporters

Jackie Robinson Facilities

San Diego, Ca (4th District)

The Legend and Model for Youth Development

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity,

San Diego Alumni Chapter

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