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Another step in human exploration is to advance our world.  How?  As rovers traverse the landscape of Mars today it is possible that they can find the real building blocks of life.  Water is the first sign.  However; the moon will prepare our astronauts to take this journey.   


San Diego local Scientists work together to find solutions to shorten the pandemic. 

Breaki​ng the 

Youths today have dealt with a lot in the past 2 years going through the global pandemic.  What about the feelings and thoughts they go through?  Now, kids today are learning how to recognize how their feelings affect their thoughts and are getting help.  

Here are some resources that can get you connected and on the right track with social concerns that greatly impact communities.  FTL is now a vendor for Los Angeles County and a Social Enterprise.  

Click on each link to find solutions and supports readily available to community members.  We want all community members to understand that there is help out there to access safely and confidentially.

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Please use this form to be part of our community database to stay updated on current events and free resources for programs and support.  We keep you connected!  

  • We provide scholarships for students to attend after-school and summer programs.  
  • Free outdoor events that focus on conservation and our carbon footprint.
  • Advocacy for students with Special Needs.
  • Health & Wellness to break the stigma.

International Partner in Education in Ghana!

See what we're doing in Ghana!  Jopat Academy of Success is a primary and junior high school building 21st Century students for tomorrow.  With a foundation of highly qualified teachers, Jopat Academy guarantees each child a quality education in technology, curriculum, resources and highly trained teachers.  Their last goal is to complete their library and media center.  Help us make this happen for 2020!  Click Here

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